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You Can Do What You Want To Me

I lost my virginity two weeks ago today. I’m kind of a late bloomer. Most of the guys in my class lost theirs months ago, some longer. Those guys have been shaving since primary school though, probably not fair to compare myself to them.  Anyway, fourteen isn’t too bad, you know? Right on the edge I think most people would agree.     I guess I was starting to feel the pressure. I didn’t want to start GCSEs without having fucked someone. Once you’re past sixteen, you’re into weirdo territory, that’s… Read more You Can Do What You Want To Me

Room 8

Blackness envelops me, cold and still. I am the nib of a pen, drowning in ink, floating at the edge of oblivion. Almost formless. Just more than a concept, a physical thought. Suddenly, a noise, a shriek, reverberates around my cocoon, wrenching me from the precipice. Again, the high pitched knife slashes through the darkness like a switchblade made of fluorescent light. Blinding white.  I blink my eyes open. Feels like the knife is jammed in behind them and I squint hard trying to dislodge it. Beside me is a… Read more Room 8


The set crackled to life. Sammy watched the distortion with a small sense of pride. It actually worked! She flipped the switch at the bottom of the set through its five stages, at each place met with static and the monotonous drone of metal rain. She remembered how her grandfather used to twist the aerial at the top, patiently waiting for the image to clear enough to determine what was happening on screen. With one hand on the aerial, Sammy switched back through the channels, pausing at each to manipulate… Read more Analogue